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Have you at any point experienced any issues like losing one single business card which makes you alarm? Or then again a greater part of cards data ruins your ideal day? Dread not, we comprehend your circumstance. We realize how dreadful it would be in the event that you need to physically save all the business card subtleties onto your cell phone individually.

Free business card scanner app and free CRM

On the off chance that you’re regularly getting or gathering business cards, at that point contributing the contact information in your contact data set can be an agony: checking the business cards with an application is the simplest approach.

In any case, when you go Googling for the best business card scanner application (like you may have quite recently done), you will discover a variety of applications and it very well may be elusive the one that addresses your issues.

That is the reason we’ve aggregated this rundown, with the best application for each utilization case.

Regardless of whether you need to filter these cards to your CRM, to Excel, to your Google Contacts, your Outlook contacts, … or whether you’re utilizing Android or iPhone… we got you covered.

To help you discover the business card scanner application you need here’s the best application for each utilization case

BizConnect is light weighted CRM with many features at a reasonable price. It is the best option to switch from Excel to CRM as it supports export and importing data to excel. The free business card scanner is made for smart working style.

Business Card is the identity of each and every business in the 21st century but due to covid people were not able to share their Business Card with the professionals. And e-cards are booming currently hence, mobile phones are overloaded with contact and it consists of 40% of business contact whom we never interact as well as previously collected business card either got piled-up or trashed away. Knowingly or unknowingly 2.5% of sales opportunities were leftover because of it.

Business Card Reader/Scanner App was introduced but non gave 100% accuracy. Looking into the problem One of the finest developers gave a thought to build a one-stop application where people can scan business cards with 100% accuracy in various languages with latest OCR, AI and many other technologies.

BizConnect is #2021 Top Business Card Scanner and it also scans handwritten contact details, scans QR Code, any digital contact details.

BizConnect has Captivating features like

Card Scanning, OR Code Scanning

CRM system

API Integration

Professional communication Network

Team Management

Lead Management and much more …

It doesn’t outsource user data or their information.

BizConnect is the only app which solves all the contact management issue, CRM problems and Lead Management issue

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