BizConnect Business Card Reader

Can I create my digital business card using BizConnect?

BizConnect is a top application where one can manage the contacts, Manage Leads, Grow Network, Include CRM, and much more.

1) Download  BizConnect for free from here:


best app for business cards scanning with 100% accuracy in various languages

2) To get to login screen you can swipe through the welcome screen and click on finish 

3) Choose your preferred option from Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Email or apple ID(for IOS users) to log in 

You can create your digital contact QR code and share it with your network using BizConnect.

Steps to create your own QR code is: 

  1. Go to the home screen of the app
  2. Fill your Information In give field like skills, education number, name, profession.
  3. Click on My QR Code to download your QR Code 


Click on share to share your contact details in your network.

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