BizConnect Business Card Reader

What is the best business card reader in the UK?

BizConnect is the best business card app for small business in the UK with a flexible price.

Regardless of whether you need to filter these cards to your CRM, to Excel, to your Google Contacts, your Outlook contacts, … or whether you’re utilizing Android or iPhone… I got you covered.
To help you discover the card scanner application you would like, here’s the simplest application for every utilization case.

BizConnect produces the closest I found to perfect breadth precision. It’s the equitable application that dependably found and associated online media accounts, gotten hazy and peculiar literary styles, and recognized words that the others just missed. BizConnect is in like manner easy to use and carefully expected to give customers a ton of features without feeling overwhelmed. It examines card with 100% exactness in different dialects.

  1. Business Card Digitization
  2. QR code reader and scanner
  3. Export Data
  4. Import Data
  5. Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive and Hubspot
  6. Intelligent CRM
  7. Team
  8. Privacy and Data Safety

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