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How might you share your business card in a period that nearly everybody is telecommuting? The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the manner in which we work, and now the manner in which we impart. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we could openly share our business cards during occasions or conferences. Today, all that has changed since individuals are telecommuting, and the best way to share your contacts is through computerized business cards. Advanced business cards are setting down deep roots since they are protected and harmless to the ecosystem. In a new review done by Covve where individuals were asked how they share contacts when the Covid-19 pandemic, 60% said they moved to advanced business cards.

All in all, how might you convert your paper business card to a computerized business card? All you need is a card scanner application. Here are three of the best business card scanner applications to utilize.


Regardless of whether you need to filter these cards to your CRM, to Excel, to your Google Contacts, your Outlook contacts, … or whether you’re utilizing Android or iPhone… I got you covered.
To help you discover the card scanner application you would like, here’s the simplest application for every utilization case.

Systems administration with opportune individuals is fundamental for the achievement of any business (and likewise, for those associated with that business). Regardless of whether you’re meeting a customer to examine another task or going to an industry gathering to pitch your item, building up associations matters a great deal. What’s more, nothing sets up proficient contacts better, than a straightforward trade of business cards.

Regardless of the developing prominence of email and online media, business cards stay the fastest methods for trading contact data. All things considered, address books have now gone computerized, and nobody has the opportunity (or persistence) to physically save business card subtleties to their cell phones.

Covve Scan

Covve Scan permits you to arrange your business cards and fare them to Excel, Outlook or Google Contacts without any problem. There is an additionally Salesforce and SalesRabit combination, which is extraordinary to filter your paper business cards straightforwardly into your online apparatuses!


Another business card scanner application that you can utilize is HiHello. This business card scanner utilizes a human-confirmed business card scanner to digitize your business card. Whenever you have examined the business card, you will effectively add the card to your contacts. Then again, you can likewise make business cards on HiHello, customize them with logos, add online media handles and offer them carefully.


ScanBizCards application empowers you to filter business cards and put together the business cards in custom organizers. Its OCR innovation perceives up to 22 worldwide dialects. ScanBizCards permits you to put together your business card contacts and fare them to Google Drive, Salesforce and Sugar CRM.


Different card scanner applications are accessible to digitize your business cards viably. By digitizing your business cards, you can undoubtedly share them web based during the lockdown and stay in contact with your customers.

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