BizConnect Business Card Reader

How does BizConnect Business card scanner work?

BizConnect is 2021 top digital business card scanner

BizConnect is a top application where one can manage the contacts, Manage Leads, Grow Network, Include CRM, and much more.From the Holder screen, you’ll find all of your contacts with their card image, name, title, company, and when they were added. Next to each contact is a handy options menu that lets you call, email, and share without having to even open the card. At the top of this screen are color-coded options to export, import, add to CRM, and perform other actions. The scan button is prominently displayed at the bottom.

Clicking Scan gives options to scan a single card (front and back), a QR code, or scan in batch, which means scanning one card after the other. Once scanned, you’ll get a processing message, and within a few minutes, you’ll have a completed contact. Though it’s a bit slower than other apps on this list, it’s worth the wait. I tested business cards that gave all the others trouble, and BizConnect was close to perfect, linking social accounts, recognizing funky font types, and correctly capturing blurry words that all others missed entirely.

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