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How can digitalisation benefit Real Estate?

In the era of the digital world, every person has opted for alternatives to their traditional practices. Since schools have headed towards online classes and courts towards e-courts, it is the time for businesses to shift toward digitalization to boot. One of the majorly affected corporate work in this digital era is Real Estates.

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Real Estates has a practice of sharing business cards which now is too traditional to continue. For a successful real estate business, your chief assets are your connections’ connections, that will help you build a network of endless business opportunities. Which leads to a stack of visiting-cards that they can’t manage. Now real estate agents can convert their paper cards to digital in just one tap. Thanks to BizConnect that the real estate agents no more need to worry about managing business-cards. It is an app that lets you scan business cards with 100% accuracy, digitally store them and export all your cards data to the excel. An easy way to convert a stack of cards into spreadsheets. As needed, you can explore more mind-blowing features of Bizconnect by creating groups of business cards.

Time is money, and BizConnect brings a solution in the brevity of that. You can scan cards in a batch, add notes and reminders with business cards. That’s not all, you can also search business cards by name, location, designation, company, notes and address. BizConnect helps you find contacts as per your needs whenever and wherever you go.

The export feature is to share contacts and company details to Google, Outlook, Excel, Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho, best for saving oneself from duplicate work.

Along with various business card features, it can also help in growing the business with features of CRM-

• Leads feature helps to track sales or marketing leads.

• Team feature is good for managers to manage their staff, assigning them tasks and increase efficiency through teamwork.

• You can also add tasks and reminders for follow-ups.

• You can generate revenue and lead reports

BizConnect can help real estate growing like other businesses, with much fewer efforts and more digitalization. The sector no more needs to depend on the traditional methods when they can efficiently manage everything just on the tip of their fingers.

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