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BizConnect is Alternative to Camcard?

The Ministry of Information and Technology in India has quite recently restricted a few applications in India including CamCard – Business Card Reader, CamCard Business, CamCard for Salesforce, and CamOCR.We just need to discuss this news since a portion of these applications (CamCard – Business Card Reader and CamCard for Salesforce) contend in a similar commercial centre as BizConnect. For numerous years, BizConnect has held one of the best positions in the business card scanner class. BizConnect has reliably positioned as one of the main 10 efficiency applications on Apple iTunes, and have 4.8 ratings on Google Play Store. It has more than a million downloads till date, in the last 4 years.

Prior to any other discussion here is the review of our user. Recent app review.

So how does BizConnect manage its users’ privacy and security?

We keep user privacy and security on top priority with best encryption system and App policy.

BizConnect uses Amazon cloud to store business card data of the user. It provide user high priority support 24*7 and mainly scan card with 100% accuracy in many languages.

BizConnect is a 2021 top Indian business card reader app with a perfect card scanning feature.

Feature of BizConnect are:

  1. It let you create your own contact QR code.
  2. It let you import data from the phone, google and outlook.
  3. It has its own CRM with different functions like — Team Management, task, Activity, lead report, revenue report and much more
  4. It is also integrated with widely use CRM like salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho and Pipedrive.
  5. Group feature of BizConnect let you organize data according to your need.
  6. It let you export data to Google, outlook, phone, Excel, salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho and Pipedrive.
  7. It let you network with people around the globe
  8. Lastly, the chat feature let you communicate with the team member and your connection.

BizConnect is the best Indian app for card scanning. It is also the best alternative for Card scanning apps like CamScanner, Abby, SanSan and many more.

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