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Best APIs For Scanning Business Cards


BizConnect produces the closest I found to perfect breadth precision. It’s the equitable application that dependably found and associated online media accounts, gotten hazy and peculiar literary styles, and recognized words that the others just missed. BizConnect is in like manner easy to use and carefully expected to give customers a ton of features without feeling overwhelmed. It examines card with 100% exactness in different dialects, bizconnect is 2021 best business card app .

BizConnect Is the best blend of CRM, Contact Management, Team Management and Lead Management inside one application.

Why BizConnect card scanner?

  • It uses AI technology with human recognition
  • It supports various languages
  • Digitization is done within seconds of time and it allows user to add contacts to social media, phone book or to make direct calls or emails.
  • It is having a user-friendly interface which let the user explore all option easily.
  • It is available as Mobile App as well as Web App.


Sansan is intended for groups and organizations who routinely obtain a decent arrangement of contacts and need the capacity to share and oversee them inside. For this, few highlights stick out: different card filtering with the application; human interpreters for decreased information passage and better exactness; contact the board capacities like divisions and authorizations; and mass activities like email, updates, and sharing.

Why Sansan Card Sanner?

  • Scan multiple cards easily with the arrangement of four cards in a vertical angle.
  • Digitization takes around 12hrs but you can connect to contacts immediately.
  • Sending bulk email with customized templates
  • A new business card can be added as a lead to SalesForce directly.


ABBYY Business Card Reader allows you to examine cards rapidly and with a better-than-normal level of exactness. It likewise assists you with contacting new associations and save your new contacts to your location book.

To check a business card, open the application, tap the camera symbol, and, if ABBYY perceives a card, it will auto-snap an image and perceive the content—no compelling reason to tap the screen button. You’ll see the filtered contact information in a flash. On the off chance that there is helpless acknowledgement, the application will inquire as to whether you’d prefer to physically type the subtleties, change dialects, or retake. Furthermore, it will perceive up to three dialects all at once.

Why ABBYY Card Sanner?

  • ABBYY is the app where business cards with QR code is scanned well i.e, it scans cards and the QR details are mentioned in notes.
  • Get in touch with contact directly through App on call, emails, twitter, linkedin and Facebook.
  • ABBYY is integrated with salesforce

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