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Are you tired of manually adding data to your CRM?

Most of us face the most common problem that is manually adding data to your CRM. Daily we get many leads and maintaining CRM records are tuff.

How to transfer your lead details on your fingertips?

The solution to your problem is BizConnect it is integrated with widely use CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho and Pipedrive which let you transfer lead data, business card data, any contact details from google, outlook, excel or any other source to your CRM.

What is BizConnect?

BizConnect is a topĀ application where one can manage contacts, Manage Leads, Grow Network, Include CRM, and much more. This is the app where you can make and scan a business card. It is one of theĀ top business card readers

Download BizConnect for free from here:

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